onsdag 31. august 2011

Hjemmelagde knekkebrød/homemade crackers

Disse knekke brødene er sunne,gode og lette å lage.
Jeg lager somregel et brett av gangen,halve porsjonen har jeg på et glass,slik at det bare er å tilsette vann.Koselig som en liten vertinnegave med et kort med oppskriften på.
Her er den:
Theese crackers are healthy,tasty and easy to make.
I usually make one tray of the time,half of the portion I`m saving on a glass,so then you simply add water next time your making them.
A fine hostes gift with the recipie written on a card.
Here it is:
4dl sammalt hvete,grov.4cups of whole wheat coarse
4dl havregryn.4cups of oatmeal
2dl solsikkekjerner.2cups of sunflowerseeds
1dl sesamfrø.1cup sesameseeds
1dl linfrø.1cup flaxseed
1ts salt.1 teaspoon salt
7dl vann.7cups water.
Stekes på varmluft,160grader i 1time+10min.Bytt plass halvveis i steketiden.
Hotair 160degrees for 1h 10min.Swap place halfway throgh cooking time.
Lykke til:)
Best of luck:)

lørdag 27. august 2011

Our traditional field"festival"

Me& my sweet girls<3
Lots of people..
Last weekend it was time for the traditional local field party.
Lots of people,3bands playing,barbecue with whole pigs,fireplace,good friends & good drinks.
We were so lucky with the weather,it rained before and the day after,but during the event it was so nice.Good,because they had a bike "race" on the way in:D
I think everybody had fun,so it was a good night:)
Wish you all a happy weekend!

tirsdag 23. august 2011

Morning glory

Beautiful day today,this is how our day started:)
Chain store girls today;
Me in cardigan from Cubus & chinos from Lindex.
Camille in clothes from Cubus.
Have a great week everybody I hope the weather is on your side!

lørdag 20. august 2011

Make a difference

....please!And even as a bystander-be an active bystander and let the bully know that this behaviour is not ok!
The new school year has started,and we can all join in and make a difference.
You don`t necessarily have to be best friends with everybody,but you can at least be friendly.
A simple "hello" in the hallway is a good start.I don`t atend school enymore-I`m a working girl,but I`m taking this with me at work.
For those of you who experience bullying;Tell someone who can help you,and please know that it does get better.I know it does,cause I`ve been there myself-along with so many others.
Even celebreties as the once you can read about here:
And if you are the bully-get help,cause you`re the one with an issue...
Smile to the people you meet-a smile can mean more to people than you realize <3

mandag 15. august 2011

My birthday

It`s my birthday today... and I allready have everything I could ever wish for:
My family and our friends<3
I`m truly blessed!I wish you all a great week:)

onsdag 10. august 2011

Kreativ tirsdag

Har tatt i bruk symaskinen igjen etter at den har fått stå i ro i hele sommer.Sydde full-fart gardiner til soverommet og av restene laget jeg lavendel hjerte med monogram.Er i gang med et lite prosjekt til...
I`ve made curtains for the bedroom and a lavender heart with our monogram on.
...noen som kan gjette hva mitt neste prosjekt er?
...anyone guessing what my next project is?
Søt søndag:Laget sjokolade fondant med bringebærcoulis...
Sweet Sunday:I made chocolate cake and rasberry sauce...

...og på mandagen hadde vi spekemat med hjemmelaget ripssaft.
Elsker å lage saft og syltetøy av selvplukkede bær,det er så koselig:)
...and on monday we had cured meats with homemade redcurrant juice.
I love making juice and jam,it`s so cozy:)
Ha en fin uke alle sammen!
Have a nice week everybody!

torsdag 4. august 2011

Mulberry`s 40th anniversary

August the 3rd it was Copenhagens turn to host Mulberry`s 40th birthday party!
British singer Eliza Doolittle jetted in to end the evening with a one an a half hour DJ set.She`s looking good in green,wearing Mulberry dress and bag-both from the AW11 collection.

mandag 1. august 2011

Wedding Saturday The 30th of July

Dress:Zara,on sale
Gold jewlerys:Gifts from my family for my confirmation
(Husband dozing off in the back:D)

The beautiful Bride&Groom<3
Two of my cute girls and me.
The day was absolute perfect.Good weather,good food,good company!
Pretty flowers&cakes and even entertainment made just for them.
Can`t wait to see my girls again this wednesday on our girls night<3