lørdag 20. august 2011

Make a difference

....please!And even as a bystander-be an active bystander and let the bully know that this behaviour is not ok!
The new school year has started,and we can all join in and make a difference.
You don`t necessarily have to be best friends with everybody,but you can at least be friendly.
A simple "hello" in the hallway is a good start.I don`t atend school enymore-I`m a working girl,but I`m taking this with me at work.
For those of you who experience bullying;Tell someone who can help you,and please know that it does get better.I know it does,cause I`ve been there myself-along with so many others.
Even celebreties as the once you can read about here:
And if you are the bully-get help,cause you`re the one with an issue...
Smile to the people you meet-a smile can mean more to people than you realize <3

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